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Success Stories
  • RIST would like to invite you to the 2017 Information Session
    Monday 11th September 2017 - 4pm-6pm or 7pm-9pm
    The RIST Centre, 915 Mt Napier Road, Hamilton

    This is a great opportunity to learn more about RIST and to see what study options are available for 2017/18. Along with presentations, staff will be on hand to provide specific details and answer any questions you may have about the following programs:

    - Bachelor of Agriculture (CQ University)
    - Traineeships in Agriculture (School Based/Full-time)
    - Certificate IV in Wool Classing
    - Shearing Schools
    - Lifetime Ewe Management & Weaners For Profit and 
    - Heifers For Profit
    - Dog  Schools, Farm Chemical Handling, ATV Training, Livestock Transport
    - Short Courses

    Please RSVP by 8th September 2017 to: or (03) 5573 0943
    RIST specialises in agricultural training delivered by industry experts
    and provides a training pathway for the agriculture sector with 
    flexible delivery options tailored to suit students.

    Visit the RIST team at Sheepvention Site 26 & 117

  • Sam McCluggage - Allansford Dairy Farmer
    Dairy farmer Sam McCluggage runs a large-scale operation at Allansford, near Warrnambool, in Victoria's South West. Milking around 700 cows, and rearing some 650 calves annually, the business employs a team of staff to ensure the dairy runs efficiently and productively year-round. 

    Currently, four of the McCluggage dairy employees are undertaking studies with RIST, including three Certificate III students and one school-based Certificate III student. 

    Sam believes the "opportunities for discussion" around topics being learned by his staff are providing plenty of benefits for both the farm and the students alike. "One of the best things about having the employees studying at RIST has been the discussions and conversations occurring on-farm following their lessons."  "They are getting out onto other farms, seeing new and different ways of doing things, and they're learning from trainers that have specialised knowledge in a lot of different areas. This is providing them with plenty of stimulation and learning, which has resulted in some really good discussion back at the farm," he explains. 

    Sam says that his student employees are keen to try new skills and techniques learned at RIST back on the farm, and sometimes the new ideas have replaced previous practices. "It's great to see them thinking and wanting to trial new practices on the farm. I try to give them scope to try their new ideas and learnings, and sometimes the new practices will take over the old. Other times, it's a great opportunity to engage in a discussion about why we might do something differently than the way they have seen in the classroom." 

    Employing three full-time, one part-time and two casual staff members, Sam says he believes ongoing education and skills acquisition in the dairy industry is essential. "I am always looking to help staff progress and move along on a pathway of training, if that's what they want. I want to make them capable, independent and give them more responsibility and training is key to that." 

    RIST's small class sizes, specific and targeted dairy industry training, the flexible nature of the study programs and good communication from the organisation are examples of why he continues to enrol his workforce into RIST courses and training. 

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