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RIST Graduation for 2016 another great success..

The 2016 RIST Graduation Ceremony was held in Hamilton at the 'Kantor Music & Performing Arts Centre' on the 24th January 2017 with 110 students graduating  in Certificate II in Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma of Agriculture and Certificate IV in Wool Classing, Certificate II and III in Shearing.

The CEO, Bill Hamill addressed the 220+ audience on the important milestones the organisation had achieved in 2016, reaffirming the important role RIST plays in agricultural education and training in Australia.

  • RIST continued to maintain its position as one of the largest non-public agricultural training providers in Australia, delivering a wide range of course both in Victoria and throughout Australia to over 1000 students,
  • Engaged with over 450 young people across the region and have graduated more than 1580 young people since 2006,
  • RIST students experience virtually no unemployment,
  • There are a significant number of employers always at the ready to take on our students and graduates,
  • RIST partner with 24 schools in the region,
  • RIST actively engages daily with industry through our highly skilled trainers, employers and industry organisations to ensure our courses remain relevant and innovative,
  • Lifetime Ewe Management has been delivered to in excess of 2,800 rural producers nationally and is impacting directly on 25% of the ewe flock of Australia where it is delivered in Victoria, NSW, TAS, QLD, SA and WA,
  • RIST engage directly and have agreements with Agriculture Victoria, AWI, MLA, DAFF in research and extension projects,
  • RIST continued to deliver a significant carbon farming project across Australia on behalf of the Australian Government,
  • RIST maintains one of the most significant networks of agricultural trainers and extension officers across Australia,
  • Last year six students undertook work experience in the Northern Territory in collaboration with the Charles Darwin University - Katherine Campus,
  • In 2016 RIST signed an agreement with CQ University which will expand the course offerings delivered at the RIST Campus in Hamilton to a Bachelor of Agriculture.

Demand for Agricultural graduates in this $15 billion a year industry, employing over 1.6 million people, is out stripping supply both at a farm gate level and throughout the supply chain and for those students graduating today or involved in training with RIST your future employment prospects look very strong. 

Our key challenge at RIST is to continue to develop critical thinking skills that produce adaptable, resilient, resourceful and technologically competent students who can think for themselves and show initiative in the workplace and are highly sought after by industry.

RIST continues to invest heavily in our technology platforms to ensure that out students feel comfortable and are trained in the use of technology as Agriculture is one of the leading adopters of technology to improve productivity and individual farmer profitability.

To the graduates, congratulations on your outstanding efforts and persistence in achieving your qualifications, thank you for your confidence in taking this academic journey with RIST, I hope we have met your expectations. To the parents thank you for your support of both your children and RIST.  To the employers I commend you on having the faith in your industry to employ young people; I hope that the training we have provided has assisted your enterprise.  To the 24 schools that are our partners in agricultural education, thank you for your valued support and cooperation and to our other partners an stakeholders thank you.

I would like to personally thank Louise Cameron for her drive and commitment in managing our Vocational Education Program, it is one of the leading programs in Australia, to all the staff of RIST thank you for your dedication and efforts throughout the year.

A special thank you to our fantastic team of Trainers, a number who attended the night, without your skills, expertise and strong commitment to educating young people, tonight's ceremony would not have been possible.

I would also like to acknowledge the financial support from the Governments of Victoria and Australia, Australian Wool Innovations, and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, without this support RIST could not offer the level of affordable training currently being delivered.

To the students graduating tonight we wish those graduating and moving on to other endeavors every success,t hose continuing students welcome back.

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most noble industries in the world, you should be proud to work in such a vibrant and important industry that supplies food and fibre for the world's population.

Please maintain confidence and optimism in our industry, make the most of every opportunity offered, promote our industry proudly and positively and continue to embrace continuing education and training as an integral part of your future career pathway.'

Lifetime Ewe Management

"The principles of the Lifetime Ewe program are outstanding and we've been applying them with great results, in particular weaning, scanning and condition scoring. I couldn't recommend the program more highly, it has been extremely beneficial for us." George Kidman

"The skills I have learnt in particpating in the Lifetime Ewe Management course have enabled me to make better informed management decisions. By maximising my flocks' reproductive potential, this in turn has resulted in there higher productivity and profitability."  Darren schurmann

"By following the data and recommendations, in one season we have been able to lift our performance by an average of 25% or 4000 lambs." Gordon Dickinson, Nareen Station, Casterton