This course will teach the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a hand-held chainsaw and maintain it in working condition.

This unit applies to cross-cutting fallen timber using safe cutting techniques.

Participants will learn how to comply with worksite health and safety requirements when operating hand-held chainsaws to carry out routine work.

This course teaches the maintenance, preparation and operation of hand held chainsaws. It covers appropriate cutting techniques to crosscut fallen timber to maximise volume and quality recovery. The course incorporates a large practical component and has a strong emphasis on safe work practices.

Recognising and applying workplace safety procedures
• Checking and maintaining chainsaws
• Safety components
• Cutting attachments
• Chain sharpening
• Kickback prevention
• Cross cutting and de-limbing
• Chainsaw maintenance

AHCMOM213 – Operate and Maintain Chainsaws

(NOTE : Participants must be aged 16 or over)

Course 2 :September 29 & 30

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