Lifetime Ewe Management – South Australia

Course Duration : 12 months, 6 x 1 day hands-on sessions per year with 5-7 producers

Training location : State wide

Entry requirements : There are no entry requirements for this course

Study Area : Sheep

About the course

The Lifetime Ewe Management program runs over the 12 month weaning to weaning cycle. The timing of each meeting is linked to critical stages in the management of the ewe’s reproductive cycle. All sessions involve a visit to each participant’s farm and focus on condition scoring, pasture assessing and feed budgeting activities that are practical and applicable to the farm business.

The program also focuses on improving producer understanding of the influence ewe nutrition has on the performance of the ewe and her progeny.

Lifetime Ewe Management provides a pathway for you to develop a successful and productive animal production system.

Key topics covered
  • The principles and practices of LTEM
  • Preparing the ewe for joining
  • The impacts of ewe nutrition in early to mid-pregnancy
  • Managing lambing “The fruits of your labour”
  • Putting it all together – the principles, practices and outcomes

Full cost – $2,400 + GST per participant

Australian Wool Innovation subsidy (for eligible wool growers) – $1,000

Cost to participant – $1,400 + GST

RIST Contacts

Bec Malseed, Lifetime Ewe Management Program Manager

Ph: 03 5573 0947 or M: 0407 730 943



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