RIST Graduation for 2017 another great success

Agriculture will benefit from the knowledge and knowhow of 125 new skilled workforce entrants, with Rural Industries Skill Training celebrating their achievements at their annual graduation ceremony in Warrnambool last February. 

The highlight event of the year saw over 200 students, employers and parents from across Victoria and interstate attend the gala evening at Deakin Univeristy's Warrnambool Campus.

The RIST team are extremely proud to acknowledge the achievement of RIST students graduating in Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma of Agriculture and Certificate IV in Wool Classing, Certificate II in Wool Handling, Certificate II and III in Shearing. 

Since 2006, the college has graduated more than 1700 young people, along with students who have entered training later in life. 

RIST students experience virtually no unemployment, with a significant and growing number of employers always at the ready to take on the college's students and graduates.

RIST partners with 24 schools in Western Victoria, and actively engages with industry through its team of trainers chosen for their connection to industry innovation and best practice, as well as via employers and industry partners to ensure its courses are relevant and innovative.

At the ceremony, RIST's Louise Cameron, Executive Manager, Vocational and Access Education, encouraged graduating students, as well as those engaged in study or considering entering, to embrace challenges and step outside their comfort zone to achieve their goals and future.   

'We often have students that have amazing skills in the practical aspects of farming, but really find the theory component a struggle. RIST is often the first place that someone takes the time and care to help these students succeed,' she said on the night. 

'There is nothing more rewarding then to see the smiles on their faces, their chests buffed out and graduating proudly in front of family, friends and agriculture industry leaders. RIST plays an important role in the community by offering skills and training for the future, to meet the growing change in technology and farming practices.

Lifetime Ewe Management

"The principles of the Lifetime Ewe program are outstanding and we've been applying them with great results, in particular weaning, scanning and condition scoring. I couldn't recommend the program more highly, it has been extremely beneficial for us." George Kidman

"The skills I have learnt in particpating in the Lifetime Ewe Management course have enabled me to make better informed management decisions. By maximising my flocks' reproductive potential, this in turn has resulted in there higher productivity and profitability."  Darren Schurmann

"By following the data and recommendations, in one season we have been able to lift our performance by an average of 25% or 4000 lambs." Gordon Dickinson, Nareen Station, Casterton

Janet BolandRIST