Code of Conduct

Provision of Education and Training Services

Provision of Education and Training Services

RIST will adopt policies and management practices, which will maintain high professional standards in the delivery of education and training services. These policies and practices will safeguard the interests and welfare of both students and staff.

RIST will maintain a learning environment that is conducive to the success of students and staff.

RIST will have the capacity to deliver the courses for which it has been registered to do so. This capacity will include adequate facilities, use methods, and material appropriate to the learning needs of the students.

RIST will monitor and assess the performance and progress of its students. RIST will ensure that all teaching staff meet any/all statutory compliance requirements and are suitably qualified and trained. All teaching staff will be sensitive to cultural and learning needs of students.

Promotion of Education and Training Services

RIST will promote its educational services with integrity and accuracy, avoiding vague and ambiguous clauses. No false or misleading comparisons will be drawn with any other training provider or course.

RIST will be responsible under this Code, for the actions of its appointed agents in relation to the promotion of services and the application processes for students. RIST will also make every reasonable effort to ensure that these agents act in the best interests of RIST and applicants, at all times.

Financial Standards

RIST will put measures in place to ensure that students receive a refund of fees for services not provided. This will include services not provided as a result of the financial failure of RIST.

RIST will adopt a refund policy that is fair and equitable.

RIST will ensure that the contractual and financial relationship between the student and RIST is fully and properly documented. Copies of the documentation will be made available to the student, and will include: the rights and responsibilities of the student, costs of training, payment arrangements, refund conditions, and any other matters that place obligations on the student.

Provision of Information

RIST will supply accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information to any prospective student. This information will be provided to the student before he/she enters into written agreement. RIST will regularly review all of this information, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Provision for Language, Literacy, Numeracy Assessment

RIST will provide support to those students with language, literacy, and/or numeracy difficulties, throughout the course. A pre-training review assists RIST with identifying these needs.

Mutual Recognition

RIST will recognise any AQTF qualifications, or Statement of Attainment issued by other RTO.