Introduction to Welding

Introduction to Welding

This course is designed to give learners an introduction to welding with a focus on practical based experiential learning, preparing participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required for employment as an apprentice in the engineering industry; an introduction for learners looking into a career in welding; and offering the basic skills and practical experience in welding that employers in the agricultural sector are seeking from their employees.

Learners gain basic knowledge and practical skills for welding with MIG (gas metal arc) welding processes, covering the fundamentals of welding as well as an understanding of the importance of workplace health and safety principles.  It is designed as a ‘step up’ program, introducing learners to the realities of welding, helping them make an informed decision about pursuing a career in the industry.

This course provides a strong foundation for the learner to pathway directly into accredited training or employment as an apprentice in the engineering industry, as well as upskilling participants working in the agricultural sector.

(NOTE : Participants must be aged 16 or over)

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Courses will resume in 2023

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