Lifetime Ewe Management

Set your Ewes up for Success

Undertaking the Lifetime Ewe Managements= course gives you the skills and support to make feeding and managing your ewes easier. This nationally run course is ideal for a small group of 5 – 7 participants who are interested in learning new ways to find success on their farm. Your group will meet 6 times within 12 months. Lead by an expereinced trainer you will learn how to condition score, prepare ewes for joining, manage singles and twin-bearing ewes at different stages of their reproductive cycle, assess pasture & set targets.

Lifetime Ewe Mangement is a practical based course delivered on farm. We encourage you to contact like-minded neighbours and farmers in your local area to form a group, and a Trainer will come to you to deliver the LTEM course.

Course Investment

The cost of LTEM is $2,450 plus GST per participant. Australian Wool innovation offers eligible woolgrowers a subsidy of $900 bringing the course cost to $1,550 plus GST per participant. 

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LTEM Impact

  • Over 4,000 producers have taken part
  • 30% of the national ewe flock has been influenced
  • LTEM has driven stocking rates up by 9.3% and marking and weaning rates by 7%
  • Ewe mortality reduced by 25%


AWI has developed a free app for producers which records key measurement information used in LTEM and is available on iOs and Android services. It has had over 8,000 downloads to date.

Check out AWI’s web page about LTEM, Lifetime Wool project, case studies and articles from LTEM participants in Beyond the bale:

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