Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

RIST does not collect more than $1,500 in prepaid fees (fees in advance) from any student at any time for any course service. As such, no further fee protection arrangements are required and have not been implemented.

The requirements that apply to prepaid fees include all fees that are required to be paid, including enrolment fees, tuition fees, material fees and any other fee component that is a mandatory payment for the course.

For information on RIST’s fees and charges, download RIST’s Course Fees and Charges pdf:

Course Material Fees

Please click on the button above for a comprehensive list of tuition fees and course charges. 

Unpaid Fees

Students with an outstanding liability to RIST, will not receive a Statement of Attainment, or any other certification, until fees are paid.

Special Consideration

Where a student believes they have a case for special consideration for a reduction of fees, they should make an application in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of RIST.

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Tuition fees are exempt from GST for all government funded courses; however, GST applies to non-nationally recognised courses offered by RIST.