Courses Available at RIST

As the sector grows, the need for high-quality, industry-led, innovative training of its future workforce is imperative.

Agriculture Courses

• AHC20116 Certificate II in Agriculture

• AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture

• AHC40116 Certificate IV in Agriculture

• AHC50116 Diploma of Agriculture

• CV85 Bachelor of Agriculture

Short Courses

• Introduction to Welding

• Agricultural Chemical Users

• ATVs and Side by Sides

• Chainsaws

Wool Courses

• AHC21316 Certificate II in Shearing

• AHC32916 Certificate III in Shearing

• AHC33016 Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation

• AHC41316 Certificate IV in Wool Classing

• Shearing and Wool Handling Schools

Ewe Management

• All Lifetime Ewe Management Courses