Agricultural Chemical Users

Obtain your AUCP through our Chemical Users course

This accredited 2-day course is delivered in a practical working environment with our AusChem Victoria accredited trainers. Students will cover pest control, farm chemicals, chemical selection, transportation and storage of chemicals, emergency procedures and so much more. Participants in this course will be able to keep up to date with changes in chemical use, new legislation and to have a reminder about safety and best practice. Upon successful completion of this course, participants are issues with a Farm Chemical Users Certificate (Valid for 5 years) and are eligible to apply for the Agricultural Chemical User Permit (ACUP).

Fees and charges

For eligible participants, this training may be delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding; please contact us for further information on 1800 883 343.

Further Information

If you would like further information regarding this course click the link below or contact the RIST office directly on 1800 883 343

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