Recognition of Prior Learning

RIST offers the opportunity for students to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) in all nationally recognised training that RIST is able to offer

The main focus of RPL/RCC are the competencies, skills and knowledge of these experiences – not how, when, or where, the learning occurred. This makes the distinction between formal and informal training unnecessary by focusing on the outcomes rather than the location of the learning.

RPL/RCC relates formal training, life experience, and work experience to a set of clearly defined competencies, provided the individual with broader career options. RPL offers a number of advantages, in particular:

  • The completion of formal education studies in a shorter period of time
  • The elimination or reduction of duplication in learning already acquired
  • An efficient response to industry skill shortages
  • A fairer access to studies which the individual may wish to undertake
  • Increased career and education options through mobility of training and credentials
  • Stronger links between industry and education
  • Greater understanding and recognition of workplace training needs
  • A cost reduction in education/training provision for industry, education, and the individual