AHC33016 Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation

Get your qualification in Wool Clip Prepartion

Our Certificate III in Wool Clip Prepartion is qualification that allows owner classers to apply for registration with AWEX Ltd.  Under general supervison  students will learn how to prepare wool based on its characteristics, prepare fleece for classing, supervise clip prepartion, organise facilities, peform shed duties & much more. 

Students will undertake this qualification over the span of 12 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time). Each student MUST have access to a working woolshed to undertake this qualification. With a flexible delivery schedule this course could be the one best suited for you. Contact us on 1800 883 343 to discover more. 

When can I start?

To find out when intakes for this qualificaiton are, call us on 1800 883 343 or email us info@rist.edu.au

Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Further Information:

Raelene Laidlaw, Program Coordinator

Freecall 1800 883 343 Email: rlaidlaw@rist.edu.au