Students from Wool Overview Program enjoy a day of Wool and AgTech at RIST

Last week, Students from Hawksdale College delved deeper into the heart of Australia’s wool industry as part of the RIST Wool Overview Program, a program proudly sponsored by AWI.

Throughout the program, students were guided by industry expert and RIST trainer Raelene Laidlaw highlighting the multifaceted world of wool production.

From mastering the art of shearing to understanding the process of wool classing, students gained insight into the intricate workings of the industry.

Through hands-on activities and a farm tour, students not only learned new skills but also developed a profound appreciation for the heritage and craftsmanship behind every fleece.

Another highlight for students included getting hands on in the classroom with RIST virtual reality Tractor and Welding simulators, giving insight and practice into what the student experience at RIST can offer.  

Reflecting on the significance of nurturing student enthusiasm, RIST CEO Bill Hamill emphasized, “It’s crucial for the younger generation to cultivate a love for agriculture and wool. They are the future stewards of our industry. So it’s great we can be part of establishing that”.

By exposing our next generation to opportunities within Agriculture, RIST’s Wool Overview Program and Ag Tech facilities are sowing the seeds for a vibrant and sustainable future.

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