Graduate as Class of 2025!

We are now welcoming mid – year enrolments (July 2024 start date) for a range of our Agricultural Courses.

RIST CEO, Bill Hamill encourages people from all ages, interests and backgrounds to consider upskilling their Agricultural Education with RIST.

“Feedback we get from a lot of our Certificate II and III in Ag student employers, is that they really appreciate the hands-on and best practice learning that we provide to our students at RIST, and that’s something we are very proud of” Bill said.

Mr Hamill continued, saying “Our supervisor and managerial level type courses, Such as the Certificate IV and Diploma of Agriculture are delivered in a flexible environment, with support from our dedicated staff, recognising that the course content and workload is manageable for a person looking to balance higher education around work, family and all other interests you may be enjoying”.

Program Coordinator of Wool and Shearing, Raelene Laidlaw is encouraging enrolments in the Certificate II in Shearing (Shearing School) for a June 3rd intake.

“We have limited places available for the course, So early enrolment is encouraged. The course is a great opportunity for a person looking to develop foundational skills needed to enter the fast paced Wool Industry” Ms Laidlaw said.

Ms Laidlaw advises that the June intake of Shearing School will be at a local shearing shed (near Mortlake) “designed to support students participating to be able to source quality training, at a location close to them, and so it can fit around their home and life commitments”.

If you would like to learn more about our mid year enrolments, please visit our Courses Page, or simply click on the links below.

Certificate II in Agriculture

Certificate II in Shearing

Certificate Iv in Agriculture

Diploma of Agriculture